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The ability to determine exactly
what medium reaches your desired
audience is what we do best.

From top quality photography which
captures your true identity to excellent
negotiations between you and the publisher,
Hollywood Studios delivers the results
quickly and afordable.

By mixing online interest in your products
or services with affordable high profile
publications, we have opened the door to a
new way of getting ROI quicker while taking
the guess work out of Media Placement.

No one marketing medium is the answer. But,
removing the guess work out of who is and who
isnít a perspective client, and determining where
they live, has never been easier and more affordable.

Bing Crosby Estate in Window Fashion Magazine - Editorial, Placement, Photography by Henry Edwards - Hollywood Studios


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Media Placement

It is extremely easy to over spend or just plain spend money on Media that
just doesn't work for you. Infact, many small businesses purchase the wrong
publications on almost no information.

Media Placement is a science.

Obtaining useful information about what your perspective customers or clients
are using to find your services or products is the trick. Many Agencies charge
thousands of dollars for information that usually is outdated. Let's face it,
if you don't have current statistics, you don't have maximum closing potential.

Introduce the Internet. Our experience in Search Engine Optimization along with
tracking over 350 million searches every day provides us with valuable information
quickly, timely and most of all... affordably. Add that to our 16 years of experience
in placing ads in top publications accross the United States and you have the
perfect recipe for Media Placement success.

Whether it be Conde Nest, trade publication, sponsor links, search engine banners or even
a small town local paper, we make sure you are going to get the results or we don't spend your money.

To find out more about how to make your product or service visibilty greater take
a moment and log onto our "Submit A Request" form. It can take less than 3 mins to
complete and will open the door to amazing savings and valuable information you
might not have even been aware of.